Looking for private classy boats for your holiday?

Komodo Family Tour has provided you with private boat charter to be your own boat during sailing to Komodo National Park. These boats offering you to spend the nights Live on Board which covered you with our great itineraries of KOMODO SEA TOUR PACKAGES to witness of your exciting holiday experience in Komodo National Park.

You will be given options of various classy Boats which are suitable to your financial situation or your preferred boats’ facilities that guarantee a satisfactory service of your wish. Your family will be served better and comfortable staying on boat.

Let’s enjoy your family holiday to explore the islands in Komodo National Park with the classy boats below!

Semi Phinisi Boat Marvel

Phinisi Boat Darya

Phinisi Boat Explorer

Phinisi Boat Anstain

Phinisi Boat Sarama II

Phinisi Boat Sarama I

Luxury Phinisi Boat Cheng Ho

Semi Phinisi Boat Waerebo

Semi Phinisi Boat Komodo Trails

Semi Phinisi Boat Dara

Phinisi Boat Floresta

Phinisi Boat Adish-ree

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